Painting the first 10 star rated home in NZ

Painting the first 10 star rated home in NZ

When Bob from Bob Burnett Architecture embarked on his ambitious journey to design and build New Zealand’s first 10 star rated home using the Home Star system he turned to us to finish the job.

We worked closely with both Bob and Resene to ensure not only a top quality finish, as always, but that we delivered the healthiest possible home. 

Low VOC vs No VOC

The familiar smell that paint tends to have in some cases is actually toxic chemicals. We already knew a lot about paint toxicity and the VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in paint because we had switched to Resene Eco paints years earlier to ensure all of our customers & staff don’t get exposed to more dangers than they need to.

You can get paint in “low VOC” and “VOC free”. Obviously “VOC free” paint is a better option but there are limitations and restrictions that come with the “VOC free” paints. The two major restictions are paint type and colours.

Paint Type: Not every paint can be VOC free due to the chemicals needed in some paints to do their desired jobs. In this job we used Resene’s Zylone Sheen & Wallboard Sealer that are both VOC Free. We also used the Resene’s Ceiling Paint and Resene Broadwall that have a very low VOC content.

Colour: Not all colours are low VOC or VOC Free due to the tinting process. Some tints contain VOC’s so it is important to be aware of this. We checked with Resene what colour options were VOC free and allowed the client to choose accordingly.

Why Bob chose us

Bob defiantly like the competitive price but it was really the entire package solutions we offer, including the willingness to bend over backwards to help Bob achieve the best preforming house in New Zealand. Many painters have their favorite paints and stick to them, we were willing to use a wide range of products to provide a 10 star solution while maintaining the 10 star quality finish. 

If you haven’t visited the 10 star home I would encourage you to go and have a look, like Bob we believe NZ is way behind in the building code for a raft of things and we would love to see the NZ Building Code standard increase so we all live in safer, healthier & more energy efficient homes.

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