Out of town Architects Offices

Out of town Architects Offices

For us doing work for Architects is a common occurrence, they love our ABC no nonsense approach to things. (Attention to detail, Backup & Support, Competitive Pricing) . We always feel privileged when they ask us to work on their own project, it means a lot to us because we know out of all the decorators they trust us with their baby.

This baby was slightly different, it was literally 1,000km outside of our normal working zone. Creative Arch had designed a brand new office space for their staff & clients to ogle over and it is beautiful (industrial but practical, opulent yet contemporary) and they entrusted us to deliver. Obviously some travel costs were factored into the job but thankfully a few flights between Christchurch and Auckland don’t cost all that much and with access to free accommodation for a few weeks for myself and the crew our price wasn’t inflated.

Sealing Timber Ceilings

Throughout the office there were timber ceilings that were a beautiful feature that helped soften the industrial beams and commercial carpet.

This was no small job, there was a large amount of work that went into the finishing of these and care was taken to ensure it was impeccable. 

Steel Girders

Preparation for the steel work was simple but time consuming because sanding off the weld spatter requires different tools and takes a lot longer than sanding timbers. All beams have a base coat of paint or a fireproofing coating that is extremely tough but there were also areas that were not covered and the fixings were undercoated. We made special care with selecting the correct primer that would adhere to the beam but not interfering with the factory base coat while still preventing oxidation (rusting) of the steel. Small details like this ensures that the paint will potentially  last a lifetime rather than seeing iron rust marks bubbling or paint pealing within a few years.

Why Creative Arch chose us

Quality of finish.

Although Creative Arch had a lot of stunning projects on in 2018 by far their most important project was their own studio so they wanted to ensure it was done to the highest possible standard, a high end architecture firm deserves a high end studio. If you are ever in Auckland drop in and have a look at it, the design of the studio is stunning and they are always happy to show off their work (at the same time you would get to see ours too). 


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